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Sep 16 2009

How to control or throttle SCP file transfer speed

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I wanted to control how fast SCP copy data between two Linux servers. On a Linux system this can easily be achieved using the “SCP -l” switch. In my case I had to make sure to not exceed 0.5 Mbit/s Since the “-l” parameter uses Kbit/s the correct value in my case is 500 scp […]

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Sep 09 2009

How I fixed the problem and got my Logitech mouse working OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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Logitech has yet to release updated keyboard and mice drivers for OS X 10.6 / Snow Leopard. I’m quite fond of my Logitech MX 510 mouse and wanted this problem fixed as soon as possible. I used the instruction from the link below which tells you to download the “Logitech Control Center”, locate the “Logitech […]

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Sep 06 2009

Want to use Spring 3.0 milestone release from Maven?

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I wanted to add the Spring 3.0 M4 milestone early access release to a Maven project to test out some of the new features. However SpringĀ  milestone releases are not readily available in the standard public Maven repositories, so what do you do? For the full explanation check out the link to “Spring/Maven Repositories” link […]

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Sep 05 2009

How to automatically provide an answer to Unix commands

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How do you automatically provide an answer to a Unix command for example cp: overwrite `destination/./b.txt’? Many Unix/Linux commands that operate on files may stop and ask for confirmation for each file before completing an action. Of course for many Unix/Linux commands there are parameters that allows you to specify the desired behavior, but there […]

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