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Aug 04 2009

Mockito an alternative to JMock

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I’ve used JMock for quite some time and I’ve found it to be a great and very useful mocking framework for unit testing. I was never quite happy with the syntax though; especially the part where you specify expectations.  Here’s a JMock snippet illustrating an expectation and a return value from a mocked object context.checking(new […]

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Aug 03 2009

Java and the current work directory

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I spent some time looking this up and hopefully I will save someone else time on this. The current work directory for an application in Java is stored in the system property “user.dir”. This is the default directory that you application will write files to if you don’t specify an absolute file location. You can […]

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Aug 02 2009

Maven pom.xml structure

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I wanted to see the full Maven pom.xml structure and I found the following page on the Maven web site that contains all the elements and descriptions.

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