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Sep 06 2009

Want to use Spring 3.0 milestone release from Maven?

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I wanted to add the Spring 3.0 M4 milestone early access release to a Maven project to test out some of the new features. However SpringĀ  milestone releases are not readily available in the standard public Maven repositories, so what do you do? For the full explanation check out the link to “Spring/Maven Repositories” link […]

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Aug 26 2009

Spring XML and defining end of line characters in a bean property

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If you need to define and end of line character (EOL) like n in your Spring XML files in a bean property you can’t do this <bean id=”some-bean-id” class=”some-class”> <property name=”my-property-name” value=”n”/> </bean> This simply wont work. You’ll end up with a backslash followed by the letter n. What you have to do is to […]

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