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Sep 17 2010

Unix/Linux Sort Multiple Columns, Tab Delimited and Reverse Sort Order

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Sorting a tab delimited file using the Unix sort command is easy once you know which parameters to use. An advanced file sort can get difficult to define if it has multiple columns, uses tab characters as column separators, uses reverse sort order on some columns, and where you want the columns sorted in non-sequential […]

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Jul 16 2010

ls full path

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How do you get the Unix command ls to show you the full path? Unfortunately there’s no argument for ls that will do this directly. However this will work fine and give you what you want. ls -d $PWD/* or ls -ld $PWD/*

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Sep 16 2009

How to control or throttle SCP file transfer speed

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I wanted to control how fast SCP copy data between two Linux servers. On a Linux system this can easily be achieved using the “SCP -l” switch. In my case I had to make sure to not exceed 0.5 Mbit/s Since the “-l” parameter uses Kbit/s the correct value in my case is 500 scp […]

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Sep 05 2009

How to automatically provide an answer to Unix commands

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How do you automatically provide an answer to a Unix command for example cp: overwrite `destination/./b.txt’? Many Unix/Linux commands that operate on files may stop and ask for confirmation for each file before completing an action. Of course for many Unix/Linux commands there are parameters that allows you to specify the desired behavior, but there […]

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