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Don’t be a Tool

Developers often associate their identity with a programming language or a framework. I’m a Java developer, I’m a JavaScript developer, I’m a React developer, or I’m a back-end developer. It’s an understandable perspective, however, if you asked a carpenter what he does for a living, and he answered, “I’m a user of hammers,” it wouldn’t make any sense. A carpenter uses many different tools, hammers, screwdrivers, saws, drills, and chisels. In our case, we’re software engineers. We are craftsmen. Languages and frameworks are just tools in your toolbox. Learn to master more than one programming language and more than one framework; this will give you new perspectives and broaden your approach to problem-solving. You will also be able to learn new languages and frameworks faster in the future, and this will also open up more opportunities in the future. As an engineer, you should be an expert on figuring out the issue to be solved and to apply the right tools for the job. Don’t let a single technology choice define you; don’t be a tool.