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How I fixed the problem and got my Logitech mouse working OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard

Logitech has yet to release updated keyboard and mice drivers for OS X 10.6 / Snow Leopard. I’m quite fond of my Logitech MX 510 mouse and wanted this problem fixed as soon as possible.

I used the instruction from the link below which tells you to download the “Logitech Control Center”, locate the “Logitech Control Center.mkpg” file inside the “Logitech Control Center” and execute it. This will by-pass the OS X version check inside the Logitech installer.

I however wanted to use the installer for my mouse MX 510 which uses the “LCC Installer”. I followed the same instructions, located the “Logitech Control Center.mkpg” and executed it which successfully got the driver installed.

I found the solution to this problem here: